Shit's been difficult lately. You find it hard to even get out of bed. You don't even know if it's the ADHD or the depression at this point.
Man. You wish you had a boyfriend.
You: fuckkkk i wish i had a boyfriend :[
You: then life wouldnt be so bad and i'd have someone to distract me from my neverending thoughts.....
Knock knock!
You: hm??? :o
Oh that's right!! You do have a boyfriend!! It's Nagito Komaeda Super Danganronpa 2!!!
Nagito Komaeda: , what's going on?
Nagito Komaeda: You didn't answer your front door and I was getting worried about you...
Nagito Komaeda: So I broke in through the laundry room window.
You blush.

You'll have to get that window fixed again, but it's ok when your dear Nagito is the culprit ♥
Nagito Komaeda: Anyways, it's alright if you forgot about our date!
Nagito Komaeda: You probably have more important things going on...
  • > i dont have anything going on!!! dont worry!!!
  • > it's fine, nagito :]
You: i dont have anything going on!!! please dont worry!! youre like the Top Thing in my life rn [:
Nagito Komaeda: That's so sweet , thank you...
Nagito Komaeda: Though, you really dont have to say those things to someone like me—
  • > .....?????
You: it's fine, nagito! i wasnt doing anything today, so i'd rather spend it with you :]
Nagito Komaeda: Oh wow, you'd rather do that than anything else? Thank you, ...
Nagito Komaeda: Though, you really dont have to say those things to someone like me—
  • > .....?????
You: no i totally do!!! youre always so nice to me and really deserve it!!
You: you dont have to belittle yourself like that around me dude, i dont see you that way :[
Nagito Komaeda: .........
Nagito Komaeda: But I'm supposed to be making you feel better right now, .
Nagito Komaeda: You dont need to go through such effort for me.
  • > he's right. i cant handle him right now, im not in the right mind for it.
  • > No! That's Wrong!
You: you're right, im not really strong enough to help you right now if im being honest. i've been in a big slump lately, and i dunno what to do...
Nagito Komaeda: I can see that. It's strong of you to admit that, though.
Nagito Komaeda: You always go against my self-despair and hatred, so much that I started to wonder if you've ever had a moment of negativity...
Nagito Komaeda: But now, right in front of me, I see that you do feel forms of dispair!
You: yea, well...
You: can you be my hope?

  • >...ahaha fuck thats so cheesy sor—
Nagito Komaeda: !!
Nagito Komaeda: I will be your Ultimate Hope in your time of despair!
basically i want to put stuff here like: he gets you food and water and you choose you get out of bed and go to the living room, he brushes your hair and you choose the hair style choose if you want makeup and what kind, like his makeup for example you get dressed and you get to choose an outfit (your hair and makeup also seen) sicne youve been wearing the same thing for days you choose to go outside on a date or stay inside outside is out for icecream and inside is watch a movie if you had makeup on he takes it off (if your entire outfit was based on him, he comments on it here) you change into pjs adn get to choose go to bed, asking him to stay. final picture of you and him snuggling in bed the end!!
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